Glass Splashbacks for kitchens & bathrooms

Glass Splashbacks are an opportunity to create a unique statement in your kitchen or bathroom.  They are perfect for use in a bathroom or kitchen, where they can inject a burst of colour into a contemporary neutral palette. Most of our customers prefer to create a new kitchen or bathroom that is highly stylish but usually neutral in overall colour. Trends change quickly in interior design and homeowners are often wary of brightly coloured units, preferring to introduce colour in other ways. This is where glass splashbacks are ideal. Not only can they be vibrant in colour, but they can also be personalised to suit the customer’s individual taste. Photographs, favourite pictures or landscapes can all be digitally printed onto glass, as well as images of pets or other members of the family.
They do not have to be confined to the kitchen or bathroom as a glass splashback will make a modern and elegant addition to any living space.

At the Kitchen, Tile & Bathroom Gallery we work with three companies who we think offer the best available choice of bespoke glass splashbacks on the market.

Rupert Scott is a company based in Wales which creates works of art in glass using traditional methods. They will design whatever image you desire and their splashbacks are breathtaking – there will no other splashback like yours in existence, as they are all unique.

Opticolour uses the latest digital technology and will print whatever photo or picture you would like onto glass. In addition to this service they also offer a wide range of contemporary and retro designs, plus the entire spectrum of plain glass colours.

Original Style offer a huge choice of plain splashback colours as well as a comprehensive selection of glass tiles that can be also be used as a splashback.

With so much choice making a decision is hard.  Take a look at what some of our customers have done in their kitchens on our Portfolio page here

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