Decorative Panels for walls & showers

Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom wall panels and shower panels have been around for some time but previously they have not been of an especially pleasing aesthetic quality.  Kitchen, Tile & Bathroom Gallery is pleased to offer our customers two brand new products – ‘Skin Panels’ by Fiora, and Mazan (looks like glass but it’s not) acrylic panels.

Fiora’s Skin Panels can be used for decorating any wall,  not just in the bathroom, and are completely water tight. Click on the link to see the enormous choice offered of 10 different textures and 60 colours   Skin Panels are the perfect solution for renovating bathrooms (you can place them on top of old tiles), and for decorating all walls in the home.  Extensive construction work is not necessary: they can be positioned on the wall with contact cement (which matches the colour of the panel) and they fit together with a single click. Plus…

No need for grout

This is good for a number of reasons.

Firstly it makes the panels quick and easy to fit, secondly, it gives a modern seamless finish and thirdly it means no more mouldy walls.

‘Skin Panels’ are manufacturing using SILEXPOL and come in standard measurements of 2.40 metres in height, with widths of 0.70, 0.80, 0.90 and 1 metre. But if these measurements are not suitable for your wall, they can be cut to size to accomodate spaces such as columns, windows or special corners.

Innovative Mazan® acrylic glass is the perfect modern wall, shower and feature panel. Ideal for a diverse range of applications throughout both commercial and residential projects, Mazan® can be used as an alternative to both traditional glass and ceramic wall tiles. It has the look of stunningly reflective colour backed glass, but is much quicker to accurately shape and install on site and comes at a lower price cost.

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