Stoneham Kitchens

Stoneham kitchens are an English, family run company whose manufacturing excellence over the past 150 years has earned them a Royal Warrant, which means they have made kitchens for the Royal Family.

As they say ‘You don’t just buy a Stoneham kitchen; you invest in one’.  Which is why Stoneham bespoke designer kitchens are often named as a key feature when marketing properties.  The kitchen is the key room along with the bathrooms, that sells a house and if your house has a Stoneham kitchen it instantly gives reassurance to potential buyers.  Stoneham Kitchens states its company’s aims as this:

“At Stoneham we have a clear vision: to create high quality, long lasting, delightful furniture and kitchens, perfectly designed for each and every customer.”

Stoneham designs incorporate curves, handpainted options and many finishing touches such as textured wood inlays which create a completely unique look. You can get some fantastic ideas and inspiration from looking at their latest designs on their project page.

Their kitchens are hand built, and sizes and shapes of cupboards can be made to order, an option normally only found in a completely bespoke kitchen. They have over 24 ranges of kitchens which encompass both traditional and contemporary designs, with an exhaustive selection of interior storage choices.

A Stoneham kitchen usually costs upwards of £10,000 and takes averagely 6 weeks to be made for you.

At the Kitchen, Tile and Bathroom Gallery we have a lot of experience designing and installing Stoneham kitchens – our professional kitchen fitters are accustomed to working at the level required to perfectly fit a kitchen of this level.  A high standard of knowledge and ability is required to install a Stoneham kitchen, and to ensure our clients are totally happy with the end result.

Click here to view Stoneham Kitchen Brochures.

Two of our kitchens have been accepted for the national design magazines Beautiful Kitchens and Utopia Kitchens & Bathrooms.  You can see images of these plus a case study of each here.

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