Kitchen,Tile & Bathroom Gallery Coronavirus Policy

KTB Gallery Coronavirus Policy


Keeping Our Customers safe is of paramount importance to us

We know that you are probably feeling nervous about visiting our showroom and worried about how to keep safe from the Covid-19 virus, which is why we have taken every precaution to make sure our customers are protected when they visit us.

  1. Sanitising Gel on arrival
    When you arrive in our showroom the first thing you will see is our sanitising unit.  This features a contactless tap which dispenses
    anti-bacterial gel when you wave your hand underneath it. We invite you to use this at the start and end of your visit.
  2. Masks and Gloves
    Masks and gloves are also provided for your use if you wish.  These are also kept on the sanitising unit.  Part of visiting a showroom is to be able to both look at and touch the products.  We understand this however we would ask you to put on a pair of gloves before touching tiles/kitchen & bathroom surfaces.
  3. Social Distancing tape on the floor
    The floor of the showroom is marked out at 2m intervals by yellow and black tape which indicates the appropriate distance to maintain from others.
  4. Cleanliness of showroom
    The surfaces of our showroom are cleaned regularly with antibacterial cleansers and are also wiped down after every customer has left.
  5. Protective Screens
    These are in place both in our consultation area and also on the counter at the payment point.

Finally – our showroom is very large and it is NEVER crowded.  It is not like the heavily populated aisles of supermarkets.  We will also be controlling how many customers are allowed into our showroom at any one time to make sure everybody is kept protected.


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