Antique Mirror Splashbacks

Antique Mirror Splashbacks

The latest style-design must have in 2019 is an Antique Mirror Splashback.  Hand silvered and ‘distressed’ to create an antique appearance each piece of glass is unique with its individual blend of patination and tint.

Opticolour offer a choice of mirrored glass finishes.  Possibly their most popular finish is Vintage Mirror Glass which we have on display in the Kitchen, Tile & Bathroom Showroom.  Vintage Mirror Glass is part of a range of different pattern designs which are all toughened so they can go behind a heat source like a range cooker, Aga or a gas/electric Hob. Toughened glass is up to five times stronger and more heat resistant than standard glass and is also impervious to acid, alkali and water.

Opticolour have four ranges of toughened glass, Vintage, Really Rough, Foxed and Heavy Sparkle. While Foxed is lightly flecked, Vintage has a more even covering of markings.  Really Rough is heavily speckled with cloudy spots whilst still retaining its reflective quality and Heavy Sparkle has a very aged appearance, with an attractive pearl-grey finish that is dotted all over with hand-made patternings.

Whilst each piece of glass still provides reflection it also has character and depth which gives your kitchen and or bathroom a special individuality.

Especially useful for adding light to a space that might need a little brightening up, antique mirrored glass also looks stunning in many interior settings, including hallways, living areas, and bedrooms.  Safety backed antique glass (non-toughened) can be used for these areas.


Vintage Antique Mirror Splashback
Really Rough Antique Mirror Splashback

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